IoT devices at your disposal

jeniot offers smart IoT devices and technological solutions to help families and businesses in everyday life: from the connected car, to the smart home, to personal and four-legged friends' well-being.

What are IoT devices?

IoT devices are physical devices that are connected wirelessly to a network and have the ability to transmit and receive data. IoT devices primarily include real-world objects such as environmental sensors, industrial equipment, and sensors that were not traditionally connected to the internet.

auto connessa

Satellite devices and digital services designed to transform your vehicle into a connected car.

casa intelligente
Connected home

IoT solutions for remote control of your home and your four-legged friend.

sicurezza sul lavoro

Solutions for safety at work and to prevent theft attempts.



IoT air quality sensor that you can place in any room in your home or office.



AirSafe is the air quality sensor designed for indoor environments, able to monitor the composition of the air and warn you if the alarm threshold is exceeded.


Tata Pad

With the anti-abandonment cushion you are alerted in case you forget the most important person in the car. No SIM needed, only smartphone with Bluetooth.