Pet: GPS dog and cat tracker

Learn more about the GPS dog and cat tracker with activity monitoring: now even more powerful and lightweight

“Pet” is a GPS dog and cat locator. Using GPS tracking, you can find your pet immediately and also activate a monitoring system to find out what he is doing. The device is extremely simple to install, and the battery lasts up to 24 hours, so you will always know where your cherished pet is.

Discover all the features of the dog and cat tracker



The GPS pet tracker is waterproof, and lets you keep track of your dog whatever he or she gets up to, without having to worry about water or damp.



The GPS tracker weighs just 38 g and can be clipped onto the collars of small dogs or cats without impeding their movements.


Activity monitoring

Keep an eye on what your pet is up to, and find out how much time they have spent sleeping or moving around. You can also view their calorie consumption.