AirSafe: an air quality sensor designed for your home’s interior.

It helps protect the things you care about, by notifying you instantly in the event of fire or dangerous gases

AirSafe is an air quality sensor that you can place in any room in your home or office. It instantly detects the presence of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide or methane. Thanks to its eight processors, this air sensor is an extremely useful tool, now that many people are working from home. AirSafe communicates with the dedicated app via wi-fi, and sends you instant notifications.

Discover the features of the AirSafe air quality detector


Check your air

Real-time monitoring of the air you are breathing at home. Eight professional sensors test the air even when you're not at home.


Protect your home

An audio-visual alert notifies you instantly of the presence of toxic gases. You’ll also receive a text, followed by a call from our operations centre just 3 minutes later.


Choose your lighting

AirSafe is also a handy “smart light”: with a single touch you can switch it on or off and also change colour - choosing from the 13 available options - or the brightness level.

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