Anti-intrusion fogging device

Keep your business and home safe with an anti-intrusion device that wards off burglars and hygienises the environment.

Safety begins with Generali jeniot!

Purifog is a dual-function security system that blocks attempted theft by instantly generating a cloud of fog, which disorientates the would-be thief while also hygienising the air and surfaces. The fog is non-toxic and leaves no residue. It is designed purely to hamper the intruder’s movements.


Hygienising function

Thanks to continuous research, there’s now a new way to hygienise the air and indoor surfaces.


Low-energy consumption

The fogging device is fitted with a top quality thermal insulator, which means it will keep working for two hours even if there is an electricity outage.


Rapid and fast-acting

In just 28 seconds, a 70-m2 room will be completely saturated by fog, with zero visibility.