CES 2020 Las Vegas

Generali jeniot is taking part in the Consumer Electronic Show 2020 in Las Vegas and is introducing AirSafe

Generali Jeniot at CES 2020 in Las Vegas to present jeniot home | Air Safe

Generali Jeniot at CES Las Vegas 2020 to present jeniot Home | AirSafe, the IoT device that prevents and protects against domestic risks. The IoT device, which monitors air quality and protects homes, was made in collaboration with Nuvap.

AirSafe monitors the quality of air in home environments. It can alert the customer of potentially dangerous situations such as gas leaks or fires using audio and visual alarms, push notifications and an innovative proactive assistance service available through the operations centre and active 24/7.

AirSafe is also a smart light, which can change colour and brightness to increase comfort in indoor spaces. Jeniot Home | AirSafe originated from a collaboration with Nuvap, and is the result of the open innovation project on health & wellness run by Cariplo Factory and Generali.

The Solution

Generali jeniot

Generali jeniot is the Generali Group’s IoT services company, formed in 2018 and owned entirely by Generali Italia. Its purpose is to develop innovative services in the field of IoT and connected insurance.