JADA, a Robot Serving Car Safety

Traditional car crash tests record impact data very faithfully, but they come with a significant cost in terms of materials and resources. Generali jeniot has developed and patented JADA, which stands for Jeniot Accelerometer-based Device Assessor: a solution that leverages sophisticated technology to reproduce the stresses experienced in the event of a collision by the telematic device installed in the vehicle and assess its reliability.

Cost Reduction

Traditional crash tests can be reduced by entrusting part of the work to the computing power of dedicated software


Test Time Reduction

Omron's Delta Quattro robot simulates impact dynamics rapidly, significantly saving time


High Test Replicability

It can not only vary the impact direction but also the accelerometer curve to test the device comprehensively


Business Partnerships

Smartphones, black boxes, and accelerometer devices for impact detection can be tested, customizing each business or academic need