The main insurance partners with which we collaborate recognize advantageous discounts on the policy.


For us, privacy is a corporate attitude. We take care of protection and you decide what to do with your data.


In the event of an accident, all our solutions automatically guarantee you roadside assistance and the possibility of requesting help.


Many value-added services that make your life easier such as vehicle finder or mobile payments.


How to subscribe to telematic services

When signing up for your car insurance policy, choose the telematic services and the telematic device best suited to your needs.
The telematic device, also called black box, allows you to record the position, speed, acceleration and braking of the vehicle on which it is located. installed. Based on these magnitudes, jeniot is able to analyze your driving style and provide you with useful advice to improve it. The telematic device is Furthermore, it is also fundamental in the event of an accident, because allows you to obtain roadside assistance and rescue in an automatic and geolocalized manner.
Discover all jeniot's digital services which you can access by choosing our telematic devices.

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