The smart anti-abandonment cushion

An anti-abandonment cushion that detects the presence of a child in the car, and sends you a phone alert

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Tata Pad is a universal cushion that fits any car seat, and can detect the presence of a child. Thanks to its high-precision sensors, the cushion acts as a capacitive sensor that distinguishes the weight of a child from the weight of any other object. The device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the dedicated app and raises three different levels of alarm.

Discover the functions of the Tata Pad anti-abandonment cushion


Alarm level 1

If you leave the car with the child still inside it, the app will send an audible alert, even if your phone is on silent mode.


Alarm level 2

If the first alarm is not deactivated, the cushion instantly escalates to level 2, and you will receive an emergency call from the remote switchboard.


Alarm level 3

If you don’t answer the call, an emergency phone call will be made to the contact numbers stored in the app. Your contacts can deactivate the alarm or request a text with the GPS coordinates.